Washington, Iowa

Washington once had three railroads, including a Milwaukee Road main line, a Rock Island main line, and a Rock Island branch line.
Today, the Milwaukee is a Dakota, Minnesota & Eastern main line, while the Rock Island main line has largely been abandoned. The Rock Island branch line is now a trail.


Abandoned S. Fork Long Creek Bridge

Concrete Arch Bridge over S. Fork Long Creek

DME 2nd Avenue Bridge

Steel Stringer Bridge over 2nd Avenue

DME 3rd Street Bridge

Steel Stringer Bridge over 3rd Street

DME Madison Street Bridge

Steel Stringer Bridge over Madison Street (IA-1/IA-92)

Kewash Trail Bridge

Quadrangular Through Truss Bridge over W. Fork Crooked Creek

Washington Railroad Bridge

Warren Deck Truss Bridge over County Road G38 and Crooked Creek

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