Humboldt, Iowa

Humboldt and Dakota City are a pair of towns in North Central Iowa. They had a pair of railroads, including a Chicago & North Western branch line and a Minneapolis & St. Louis branch line. Today, both are part of the Three Rivers Trail.


1st Avenue Trail Bridge

Through Plate Girder Bridge over 1st Avenue

C&NW Bridge #2539

Stone Arch Culvert over Unnamed Creek

C&NW Bridge #2544

Stone Arch Bridge over Unnamed Creek

Dakota City Rail Bridge

Deck Girder Bridge over E. Fork Des Moines River

Gotch Park Trail Bridge

Pratt Through Truss Bridge over E. Fork Des Moines River

Humboldt Rail Crossing

Through Girder Bridge over Three Rivers Trail Spur

IA-3 Trail Overpass

Steel Stringer Bridge over Iowa Highway 3

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